UPDATE: Migration and Blocked Account

Sequel to the management official press release on the 23/02/2019 and suggestions we received from concerned Affiliates, and the entire Miropass family, the management has resolved that every account that is due for migration and was blocked is hereby opened to allowed access to the accounts for easy flow of business activities. Terms and conditions applies, however. For more details send an email to migrateandowe@miropass.com.ng

Also note, Affiliates or there Down Liners who has reached 40% of their purchased package in version 1.0, that is, before the website upgrade, but has not withdrawn before are considered for immediate payment. Already payments in batches have already commenced. Those affected who have not yet received will have to do a mail to Firsttimewithdrawal@miropass.com.ng, providing your transaction package and account details.


We are fully aware that some affiliate members who have not made up to 150% in version 1 were blocked in version 2.
We are sorry this is happening and we are working really hard to resolve all issues associated with this, In the coming days, we will resolve all concerns and your accounts will run smoothly and normal again.

Thanks for your patience.

Please kindly forward and rebroadcast this message to the entire Miropass family