Dear Affiliates,

We want to specially appreciate you  for your patience thus far, and also express our sincere apologies and deepest regret to inform you of our challenges in perfecting our phase 2 system because of some system malfunctions. But the IT Team has been working tirelessly to resolve all issues so as to get the website back to normal.

As a result of the discrepancies of Data on Dashboard balance (huge amount on dashboard), multiple downgrades and blocked account scenarios; we have decided to bring to your notice that we are assiduously committed to fixing all, and very soon every issue you are facing as affiliate members will be resolved.

For withdrawals, we understand that a lot of persons are yet to be even for the first time after filling the form, We received all your requests and we will treat them with the speed of light and all sense of diligence as soon as the system is running smoothly again. We plead that you (Affiliate Member)  give us time to get the system running smoothly.

Our  IT team is working to allow users to migrate to any package of their choice.

Thanks once again for your patience and understanding.

Hon. Daniel Shaibu
Chairman, De-Miropass Technologies Limited