The management of DE-MIROPASS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED bring you hearty greetings and welcome you to the new season of business activities of the company. Please recall that the business activities of the company was paused sometime in December for the following reasons.

1. The introduction of KYC which technically stopped multiple registrations. Of course, as you already know, you will have to provide an ID. consequently, some top affiliate members, especially parents provided ID for either their Children or some third parties they wanted to register.

Several suspicious identities were supplied. In order to avoid the incidence of mixed, fake or wrong identities, we embarked on ID verification of Valid ID cards, actually, some turned out to be fake. As you already know, Govt agencies normally take some time to reply on some issues, most of the time payment to the affected persons were unavoidably delayed.

We have sincerely apologized for that inconvenience, actually, we did that to protect the company against fraud, and avoidable mistake, so we have put the machinery In place to fast track their payment.

2. The globalization of MIROPASS to accommodate international participation top leaders and affiliate members, in fact, a wide range of participants have requested to persons from other countries. Actually we have received thousands of invitations from other parts of the world, in fact, a growing number of countries were showing serious interest in registering with the company.

Unfortunately, the website was originally built to accept naira, and the Nigerian financial sensibility. It was therefore difficult, in fact, impossible to accommodate non Nigeria participants, as much as we wanted to globalize and expand our economic frontiers within the global environment.

For the two serious reasons pointed out above, restructuring became mandatory , the website needed to undergo some intensive technical embellishment from our technical managers to accommodate international participation as well as seal up other lacuna that have caused delays and complain for various reasons. So the website was shut down.

Unfortunately, this information was not managed even though it was communicated to Affiliates with the understanding that it would be spread to the entire miropass family. This information was not properly disseminated, and because some persons were not informed at all, it led to misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the activities of the company.

As a result of the forgone, Most affiliates or participants generally who were not aware of the development could not withdraw with their earnings, in fact, the company could not register or accept new members because the entire activities would take place online, this is within everybody’s knowledge.

Out of continuous pressure from members, the website was hosted sometime in February 15th, 2019. To test run the efficiency of the new program. it was shut down again to perfect the finishing touches on the system when we noticed some glitches. As at the time of this press release, 21st February, 2019. is up and running, and business activities have fully commenced, pls visit the site and log into your account to see your status and earnings. We therefore wish to use this opportunity to remind and as well invite our affiliates and every other groups who had wanted to register or shop from their Earnings or otherwise participate generally are free to do so as the company is continuously growing stronger.

The Website program was upgraded to version 2.0, that is better and more efficient and encompassing program version where you are provided opportunities to earn and gain more. Under the present version, all your entitlements before the upgrade are still intact, pls confirm that from your dashboard or contact our customer care representative.


All those that have earned at least 150% and above of their initial purchased package amount would have to pay the Migration fee to version 2.0

All those that have not made up to 150% of their initial purchased package may either shop in the trenches of having the price of funds in their Naira vault until it is exhausted or register a new member with it.

3. Those who have not earned at all will have their earnings paid normally into their various bank account. If you wish to have more informations, pls visit the company for a more detailed information. We shall be posting messages to the various groups from time to time to keep you updated on the development until we stabilize the system.

Please, we humbly and most respectfully request that all affiliates and every staff forward this message to participants until the message is fully disseminated owing to the information mismanagement already mentioned above.

some affiliates were aggrieved, complained that they have not been carried along, that the entire process had taken too long and their down liners were on their neck so they complained to the police, we were reliably informed that others are contemplating reporting to other agencies. With all due respect, we understand their grievances and would sincerely appeal to them to shield their sods especially now that the site is up and the activities are on a top gear to cover up the days we were down and out of business.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Hon. Daniel Shaibu
De-Miropass Technologies Limited.