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What We Do

To provide comprehensive financial and Investment planning services to our customers which will help them to achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind.



Our Mission

We are committed to innovations, excellence, bringing inspiration to every economic sectors with the integration of client’s rewarding system that will financially empower Africans.


Our Vision

Our Vision

To build an unbreakable web of financial flow that will distinguish De-Miropass as an admired multinational business services leader, trusted partner & provider of innovative solutions for growing sustainable wealth.


De-Miropass Technologies (DMT) is a multidisciplinary business development company that focuses on the growth and development of SMEs, corporations, and organizations in various sectors of the economy through the implementation of innovative solutions. Miropass is an Italian word which means a group of individuals from different disciplines who merge their experiences and expertise to offer individuals the opportunity to strive in whatever business they choose to execute.


DMT is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC 1436999 in Lagos and incorporated in the State of Delaware USA with file number 7736674. The primary objective of the company is to create and establish business opportunities, and also partner with reputable brands for economic growth and development. DMT seamless business structure enables it to offer a diverse range of services in various sectors of the Nigerian economy. And this strategy has seen us perform businesses, executive ideas and provide several opportunities which have positioned DMT as a reputable brand. The services we render an industry in which we operate include electronic commerce, offline retail via the development of shopping malls, real estate and property management, hotel investment and management, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, printing, and publication amongst others.


DMT consistency and business growth are as a result of a robust management team who have forged a relentless bond and ensure they deliver what is required of them. They engage in talks with both local and foreign investors for a joint partnership that will help achieve short-term and long-term goals. As a dynamic conglomerate, it continues to make forays into new, profitable ventures that will not only give returns but also create employment opportunities for the younger generation.