Zanko Agricultural Limited excels in delivering eco-friendly, dependable, and outstanding Agriculture services with optimal efficiency. We play a diverse role in the Agriculture industry especially with investment in livestock, crops, storage and logistics sectors of the industry. Our drive
is to become the leading agriculture consulting company in Nigeria with core competencies to enhance, support and guide the growth of various agriculture enterprise.

To further strengthen the industry, we form partnerships with farm owners to help them optimize their farm performances through more efficient production and management techniques. Our services include investment with selected partners on exclusive opportunities, supply chain and logistics management, marketing and distribution, strategic advisory, asset sourcing, and risk management.


In today’s highly competitive and modern age, agropreneurs demand solutions to complex challenges. To this effect, we have ensured to provide sustainable solutions and consistently develop innovative strategies that improve every agricultural process we are involved in. Zanko Agriculture employs the best specialists in the country to cover the required skillsets and has through this created many job opportunities for Nigerian citizens thus continuing Miropass commitment to building and sustaining the communities in which we operate.