The transportation industry is one of the most crucial sectors of any country’s economy. Without a well-defined transportation network and functional operating system, several key factors that sustain the growth of the nation will be grossly affected. Some of the challenges that are widely affecting Nigeria’s transportation sector are;

    1. limited access to expert oversight
    2. poor road network
    3. fleet and business management.


We at Miropass have therefore made a firm commitment to bring innovative strategies that would change the narrative of the industry for the better. To achieve this, we are investing in various advanced technologies and management systems that would enhance transportation companies operating in Nigeria to deliver global standards and even beyond.


The global transportation landscape is changing and it is very important that companies adapt to the changes and use the resulting effects to its benefits. With technology, communication, social media expanding and converging, we make sure to use these changes to create more value for our customers. We anticipate market needs and steer our company toward long-term success and growth. Our range of services includes fleet leasing and management, e-taxi, relocation services, Air and sea freight, door to door courier, logistics consultation, warehousing, and distribution services. Our services are tailored and structured to put our client first while we aspire to be a creative and innovative leader in transportation solutions, to transcend in the industry, and truly become an eminent business moving forward. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative and efficient processes while working towards reaching into new and untapped opportunities. We differentiate our solutions based on our in-depth customer understanding, strong focus on market needs.